New Album, Lines and Waves - now available!

Lines and Waves is the 6th solo album from NYC-based singer-songwriter Matt Stamm.  Recorded in its entirety at The Apartment - Stamm's home studio - and mixed and mastered by Joe Rogers at Room 17 in Brooklyn, Lines and Waves is an emotional indie-pop ride that will surely become the soundtrack to your life with its honest and relatable lyrics, lush harmonies, and hooks at every turn. The original tracks on Lines and Waves hint at the singer-songwriter's core musical influences - the likes of The Beach Boys, Paul Simon, CSNY, Elliott Smith, and Pete Yorn.  And for the first time, Stamm ventures into the realm of cover songs; his unique takes on the arrangements of "Always Something There to Remind Me", "Deeper Conversation", and "I've Just Seen a Face" highlight his abilities as both performer and producer.

"This is the record I should have been making all along," says Stamm, "and I am proud to say that I played every note - every sound you hear on it.  It's pretty amazing to see what comes out when you force yourself to push the boundaries of your creative abilities."  He describes Lines and Waves as "a record that chronicles a time of significant evolution for me, both as a person and as an artist. It's about life, love, and the constant struggle to find happiness wherever you are., whatever you do."

A fixture in the New York indie music scene for over 10 years, Stamm has continued to diversify his musical resume as keyboardist/writer in Erin Mary and The West Island (Tiger Blanket Records), bassist in Neon Groves (Silence Breaks), and recent collaborations with NYC underground hip hop phenom J57 for some upcoming releases. Matt Stamm takes all of those experiences and puts them to work on Lines and Waves. This record – and this artist – are surely ones to watch in 2014.

My cover of "I've Just Seen a Face" - from Lines and Waves - featured on the latest Coverville podcast!  Click here to listen

Been mixing my new solo record, Lines and Waves, with Joe Rogers at Room 17. Can't wait to share it with you...